5 Awesome Photography Projects

creative photography projects

Like a photographer, not having enough ideas is probably the worst items that can happen. Sometimes our heads are simply empty and photography doesn't interest us since it accustomed to. But luckily there are multiple methods to counter this challenge, one being by starting a photography project.

Creative photography projects such as these will help you to return your motivation and in addition offer you new and fresh ideas. These projects are made to be challenging plus some of these last very long too. But with out a further ado, why don't we get started!

1. My Life

This project is approximately you. The idea is that you simply produce a photoseries that tells your story. List important events and things in your own life and attempt to make a way to tell that story through photography. This can be fun, challenging and the best thing is that the photographs you create enables you to remember those important moments in the future too.

2. 100 Words

The thought behind this is you need to come up with a listing of 100 random words. To come up with this list you can ask the help of your pals, brainstorm their email list all on your own or perhaps utilize a random word generator (Google it). Once you have come up with their email list, you commence checking list one word each day. Take photographs that represent these words in some manner.

3. The 365 Project

This is the most well known photography project and it's also also probably the most difficult ones. As the name suggests this project will last a complete year. You will find different variants of the one, truly the rule is that you need to take an image about yourself every single day. Your physique doesn't need to appear inside the photograph, but nonetheless the 365 project is more difficult laptop or computer seems like.

Firstly it is very difficult to photograph yourself everyday, it is extremely easy to stop trying. Secondly it is extremely hard to develop new things and fresh when you photograph. If you desire a serious challenge, this one is perfect for you!

4. Strangers Series

creative photography projects

If you are a shy person this will be hard for you. The idea of this concern would be to take 100 photographs of strangers, talk to them and write a credentials story about them. The storyline does not have to be long, just write some basic information down and it is fine. Also, it is possible to take as many photographs every day as you would like to, as long as you get all 100 photographs taken.

5. Colorful Weeks

On this project you may choose 5 different colors, list them in a order you need to and have the list weekly. The thought is you need to range from the listed color in all your photograph that you simply take through the week and you also must photograph each day. But like the color is not enough, in addition, it has to be the dominant color of the image.